Local plant-based jerky to power your next adventure

A Canadian company making jerky from plants that tastes and packs protein just like meat.

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No Cholesterol

Our plant-based jerky is absolutely free of cholesterol.

High Protein

Based on a 100 gram serving, soy packs an impressive 49.2 grams of protein.


Plant-based means a smaller footprint on our planet and happier future generations.


All-natural ingredients make for a healthier on-the-go snacking experience.

Don't go it alone. Bring North Jerky to power your next adventure!

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A tender and chewy texture with a sweet and mild flavour, topped off with a smoky finish. Perfect for every camp fire song or afternoon snack!

Black Pepper
Black Pepper Black Pepper Black Pepper Black Pepper Black Pepper

Black Pepper


A tender and chewy texture with a bold kick of pepper flavour, topped off with a smoky finish. Pick yourself up after a long hike or a slow day in the office!


One choice can make a big impact.

The choice to go plant-based means a choice to preserve our planet for future generations.

We want to be more sustainable.

Choose Sustainable

Our jerky is soy-based which takes almost 6 times less water to produce than beef, making it a more sustainable alternative to meat. You’ll love the taste, while making an impact!

We want to stay healthy and strong.

Choose Healthy

We’re just as delicious as meat-based and filled with all of the essential amino acids, proteins and fibre. Plant-based jerky is more nutritious and has 0 cholesterol — but that won’t matter much to you, because people really love the taste!

We want to help others.

Choose generosity

We want to make an impact on the world, the environment, health, and the meat industry without sacrificing flavour. With our promise of delicious taste, we also promise to pay it forward. With every purchase of a North Jerky product a portion of our proceeds will go to support people in need at water.org

That upcoming road trip, that trail ride, or a fun kayak weekend — take North Jerky on your next adventure!